Shauna Rich, MSW, LSW
Mother Rising Co-Founder, Therapist, & Perinatal Educator

Shauna has over 20 years of experience in parent and teen health education, she has been working for the last 10 years in the local birth community as a childbirth educator, doula, and maternal mental health therapist.  Shauna is currently providing clinical mental health therapy services via Wollemi Counseling.

Shauna believes that all women deserve to be empowered with the knowledge to make the best decisions for them as they embark on the amazing journey to becoming a mother. Her teachings and work are all evidence-based and not biased. She believes with all her heart that the best decision about your birth and family can only be made by you. 
She is an advocate for women, mothers, babies, all families, mental health, informed birthing, and baby-wearing.
Shauna lives in Chardon with her husband, and 4 children.

Trainings & Certifications
Bachelor of Science in Health Education, Kent State University - 2008
Master of Science in Social Work, Youngstown State University - 2021
Licensed Social Worker, Ohio (2021)
Maternal Mental Health Professional Certificate via Postpartum Support International (2021)
Intro to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) via The Ohio State University School of Social Work  (2020)
Prevention of Birth Trauma via Birth & Trauma Support Center  (2020)
Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II, Reiki Master (2019) 
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Level I (2018)
Accessing Evidence Based Care via Evidence Based Birth (2018)
Spinning Babies Workshop (2017)
Happiest Baby on the Block (2016)
Lamaze Childbirth Education Certification (2014)
DONA International Birth Doula Training (2011)   

Favorite Hobbies & Interests
Season: Summer
Animal: I’m totally a dog person!
Ice-cream Flavor: Butter Pecan
Food: All the food! Yumm! 
Part of her job: Seeing families thrive and grow confidence 
Starbucks drink: Quad upside down Espresso Con Panna
Color: Green 
Activity: Kayaking, Birding, Hiking and Camping 
Dessert: Cherry Pie
Flower: Goldenrod
Artist: I love to discover local artist’s work  
Music: Americana 

Danielle Breach, CD(BAI) She/her
Co-Founder, Birth & Postpartum Doula

Danielle has been supporting families for over 13 years as a doula. She is a wife and mother of five lovely children, a dog, and many chickens! Her passion for birth began when she was pregnant with her first child. She became a mother at a young age and understands the importance of support and encouragement during the perinatal time. Prior to becoming a doula, Danielle spent 12 years as a Tech in Same Day Surgery,  Pre/Post-Operative care at Lake Health, caring for her patients while attending school.  She also spent time teaching Holistic Sexual Education with the Geauga Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, which is where she came to know her friend and business partner Shauna Rich.

Trainings & Certifications
DONA International Birth Doula Training (2011)              
Certification (2014)
Rebozo-Gena Kirby Method (2014)
Perinatal Hospice & Bereavement training-SGM (2017)
CAPPA Labor Doula training (2017)
Advanced Doula Training for TENS (2017)
The Farm Midwives Assistant Training (2018)
Spinning Babies Workshop- (2020) 
Nino Academy & Birthworks Kangaroula training
Registered (2020) Certification- in process 
Mama Bird Breastfeeding Workshop (2020)
Birth Arts International Doula Certification (2022)
NCTA Newborn Care Specialist Training (2022)
Wollemi Counseling Preparing for Birth After Birth Trauma Workshop (2022)

Favorite Hobbies & Interests
Season: Spring
Animal: All Animals but definitely bulldogs
Ice-cream Flavor: Mint chocolate chip
Food: Mexican and Indian 
Part of her job: watching a nervous couple evolve into parents 
Starbucks drink: Chai Latte 
Color: Green 
Activity: Hiking and Camping 
Dessert: Tiramisu cake 
Flower: Calla Lily 
Artist: Van Gogh 
Music: I love it all!

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